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Manufacturer, Supplier of Aftercoolers
Air Cooling
Air Cooling

Air Cooling

Air Cooling The Only Solution to Keep Things Cool
We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Aftercoolers, Air Cooled After Coolers, Industrial Aftercoolers and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Retaining foods freshness and value can be achieved by cooling and conditioning air inside cold room. This can be done by releasing excess heat to ambient air outside.

It's all thank to air heat exchanger by Chintamani Thermal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which are capable of capturing, and dissipating heat with right efficiency to surrounding.
Air heat exchanger by Chintamani Thermal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. delivers perfectly balanced air cooling capacity and air flow ratio which is required in the world of agriculture like vegetables, potato, fruits and also modern flower-growing installations which requires cooling and heating the air inside the green- house. These systems considerably improve both the quantity and the quality of production - while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs.
Air heat exchangers for direct-expansion as well as indirect systems are available for supermarkets, with a combination of walk-in cold rooms, reach-in freezers and cold displays. Systems using HCFC and C02 (System operating at High Pressure) in the different circuits. And in other refigerated storage and transit areas throughout the food distribution chain, Cintamani Thermal's versatile ranges of commercial and industrial air coolers offer energy-efficient.
Main Benefits :
Easy to install.
High Cooling Capacity because of large
cooling surface area internal and external
with multi Circuit.
Energy efficient, low power consumption.
Heavy duty material ensuring long life.
Innovative fan motor installation to
reduce drag and avoid brake down.
Innovative designs result in low
Innovative material selection S. S.
Copper, aluminum tubes results in
high efficiency and low cost.
Low total cost of ownership.
Performance certified by HTRI.
Above coils are designed for EVAP Temp -3°C and TO 6. We can design coils as per customers requirement with Aluminium tube or S.S. tube (MOC)